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The North American International TCM Treatment Centre is a committed to build improving professional treatment, research and training institutions. Enjoy international reputation, and have extensive cooperation and exchanges in Canada, the United States, China, and worldwide.

Our team is a professional, comprehensive team internationally that developed, extended and inherited the achievement from old generations more than 50 years clinical experience in clinical treatments, and national patent of China. Our effective treatments are focus on burns, skin diseases, hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, infertility and generative dysfunction as well as any other common diseases with outstanding achievements.

"Zhang’s Herbal Medicines" originated in China that is inherited, developed Zhang’s ancestral private formulas, and through several generations of professionals of Zhang family made continually efforts to conduct a longstanding clinical practice. “Zhang’s Herbal Medicine Treatments Protocol" is a complete method, which combines modern techniques with Zhang's special effect herbal medicines and this is developed by Dr. Jinan Zhang (China); it’s based on proprietary formulas made from traditional Chinese herbs and 50 years of clinical practice. The treatments have been used for more than 40 years in China. Patients are satisfied internationally. These treatments are now available in Canada.

We applied the Zhang's series of proprietary and private formulas, such as "Natural Burn Ointment", "Qing Zhi Dan", "Jinan Kuijie san" and "Jinan Pi Ning Gao" etc. traditional proprietary and private formulas, based on the use of modern technology for the purification of its active ingredients and optimized, making it more suitable for modern living environment hemorrhoids, burn, ulcerative colitis and skin disease as well as infertility and generative dysfunction etc., to marked effect to be more fully to act. At the same time, we also widely apply the common used TCM protocols and formulas to treat a variety of common diseases.

Our facilities are providing available clinical services and cooperate worldwide, we have clinics are offering available service in Canada, China. We are servicing for you in Great Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario as well as other provinces/states in North America.


We believe you want true treatment not just sick treatment.
This means treating the cause, not masking the symptoms.
It means educating you and not simply telling you.
Where we work together to achieve your healing goals
By utilizing the best treatment we know...
We help you become the best success that you can be.

- An important breakthrough for traditional facial burn treatments