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The article is reprinted from Vitality Magazine

Event of 44th Annual Meeting of American Burn Association in 2012

- Important Breakthrough for Traditional Facial Burn Treatments

BY Jinan Zhang


Dr. Zhang with the President of ABA in 44 Annual Meeting-2012
Dr. Zhang (China) with the President of ABA in 44th Annual Meeting-2012

The 44th annual meeting of the American Burn Association was held in Seattle, WA, on April 24 to 26, 2012. Thousands of burn and plastic surgery professionals from more than 20 countries attended to exchange academic and technical advances in the fields of burn treatment and plastic surgery.

As the president of North American International TCM Treatment Centre (NAITCM), I gave a number of talks at the meeting about my treatment, known as “Zhang’s Burn Treatment Protocol with Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs”, which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern Western medical practices.

Conventional versus Alternative Approach

When being treated for facial burns, patients usually have skin graft surgery using skin from other parts of the body, and then plastic surgery, both of which are lengthy procedures. During recovery, burn patients suffer from pain and itching, which is treated by oral medication. Often, burn patients who suffer facial burns end up with features that are severely altered, often leading to depression. In many cases, there are no effective solutions offered by traditional allopathic medicine to completely cure burns.

In my presentations, I focused on facial burn treatments, and introduced an innovative treatment for healing burns with no skin grafting, no surgery, no disfigurement, and no scars. Using two typical case studies involving severe burns, I introduced the advantages of “Zhang’s Burn Treatment” and contrasted the burn treatment methods used by Western medicine.

“Zhang’s Burn Treatment Method” is a new medicine and technique that can ensure that second-degree facial burn victims have no scarring and that third - degree burn patient require no skin grafts. This is an important breakthrough for traditional facial burn treatments, which typically involve outmoded dressing, aseptic isolation, incisions to relieve swelling, skin graft operations (resulting in scarring),  and the patient’s features becoming altered, resulting in plastic surgery.

“Zhang’s Burn Treatment” is a complete method which combines modern techniques with Zhang’s Special Effect Burn Ointment developed by me, based on a proprietary formula made from traditional Chinese herbs and 50 years of clinical practice. The Treatment has been used for more than 30 years in China. Hundreds of thousands of burn patients have been healed and the success rate has been very high.

The main advantages of Zhang’s Burn Treatment are as follows:

1. GOOD ANALGESIC EFFECT. Quickly stops pain after application, and there is no pain and no tearing of the skin when bandages are changed. The patient’s suffering is reduced to a minimum, avoiding shock.

2. QUICK HEALING. First-degree burn patients can be cured in a day; second-degree burn patients can be cured in five to seven days; third-degree burn patients can be cured in approximately three weeks. After applying the ointment, it quickly forms a medicinal scab over the wound, diminishing inflammation, sterilizing the wound, preventing infection, and regenerating skin.

3. NO SKIN-GRAFTING. Severe-degree burn patients do not need to endure skin grafts. The ointment and technique developed by me allows the wound to heal without infection, as well as regenerating skin. Ninety percent of large-area burn patients do not need skin grafts.

4. NO SCARRING. There is no scarring after using the ointment, because it increases blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and dissipates a mass. Applying the ointment makes more than 90% of burn patients’ skin flat and soft. There are no hyperplasic scars after healing and no need for plastic surgery.

5. FACIAL BURN VICTIMS’ FACES HAVE BEEN SAVED. This new technique for treating facial burns has been used in numerous cases with burn victims’ faces being saved. Its success rate is much higher than the traditional method of skin grafts and plastic surgery.

6. NO SWELLING. The burned skin tends to become swollen, but after applying the ointment, the swelling can be relieved in two to three days, avoiding incisions to reduce swelling.

7. SPECIAL EFFECT FOR INFECTED BURN WOUNDS. For rotting burn wounds infected with pseudomonas aeruginosa, there is no need to use polymyxin E. The burns can be cured in three days after applying the ointment. This solves the difficult problem of curing infected burns.

Montage of the 44th ABA Annual Meeting - Seattle

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